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How YOU can give back instead of paying for the album

I'd really appreciate anything you could do to get the word out!
The following are some things I've seen work well:
Level 1:
Get Second to Dream for FREE here and All the People here
Listen to Danny
Level 2:
Send this ready to go email to your friends, family, group listservs, and anyone else you deem appropriate
Share Danny
Level 3:
Follow Danny
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Level 4:
Make a Donation
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Level 5:
Promote Danny Online
Write album reviews on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby,
                 or          any       music        blog

Comment on relevant articles (about similar/popular artists) with not-creepy info about Danny!
Level 6:
Promote Danny Offline
Hang Danny flyers or make your own
Put up Danny stickers
Wear a Danny t-shirt (order functionality coming soon)
Level 7:
Spread the Word
Request Danny at 3 of your local radio stations by calling in or texting,
repetitively if your heart so desires
                  (make sure to tell the DJ how to get the music!)
Level 8:
Make It Happen
Help Danny get any sort of local or national press:
             newspaper/magazine articles, talk shows, radio shows
Level 9:
His Body Is A Wonderland
Entice, ensnare, bait, kidnap, or otherwise convince John Mayer or Mat Kearney to let me tour with them
Level 10: